Yokai Watch: Dawn of Dimensions is a new game in the Yokai Watch series. It is for the Nintendo NX and takes place, 2 years after the events of Yokai Watch for 3ds.

Storyline Edit

It has been 2 years since the events of Yokai Watch 3ds, and more and more people know about Yokai than ever before... Many of them even have Yokai Watches! There have also been many new yokai discovered. Humans and yokai have never lived better together. That is until a horrible boss yokai named Agke has sent evil shadow yokai to destroy everything. Team up with Bear, Katie, Eddie, Lucas and Amy, Jibanyan's former owner and reunite the two, then save the world together!

New Types of Yokai Edit

Added to the nine Yokai Tribes, there are four new tribes of yokai introduced, these are Crazy, Intelligent, Lonely and Trickster, they each have 27 yokai per tribe as well as legendaries.

Areas Edit

Uptown Springdale

Downtown Springdale

Breezy Hills

Blossom Heights

Shoppers Row

Mt. Wildwood

Easttown Springdale

Westown Springdale

Abundance Gardens

Midnight Boroughs

Midnight Parks

Stadium City

Crawfish Cove

Windy Pass

Yokai World

New Yokai in the game (Part 1) Edit

Icieom-Mysterious Tribe/Rank E

Vanicreme-Mysterious Tribe/Rank C

Vanysplit-Mysterious Tribe/Rank S

Catsmash-Mysterious Tribe/Rank C

Lamphugger-Shady Tribe/Rank D

Motihugger-Shady Tribe/Rank B

Brottery-Shady Tribe/Rank D

Spottery-Shady Tribe/Rank A

Freech-Slippery Tribe/Rank E

Nokanyan-Slippery Tribe/Rank C

Apollo the Superpup-Brave Tribe/Rank D

Spacoyote-Brave Tribe/Rank A

Captain Oblivious-Eerie Tribe/Rank C

Sendigo-Eerie Tribe/Rank S

Malintine-Charming Tribe/Rank C

Funklin-Tough Tribe/Rank D

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