Super Mario Galaxy Gemstone is an Upcoming Game for the Nintendo-Weight and it is the 4th Mario Galaxy game in the series after SMG 3. The story takes place two years after Super Mario Galaxy 3


One fine day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Peach, Luigi and Daisy were all over for coffee. It was Peach's Birthday and Mario reached into his bag to give Peach her present! It was a beautiful rainbow gem with every color known to man! Mario found it at the Mushroom Mines during an adventure and thought that she would love it. All of a sudden, Bowser attacked and took the crystal! It turns out that the crystal will give the user very amazing powers! Then, he accidentally crushed the crystal into 10 pieces and they flew into space! Then Mario sling stars himself into space to try to find all the pieces before Bowser does! And you land far away from earth but Bowser has the most important piece back on earth and he is holding Mario's friends hostage! Can Mario reunite with Rosalina and collect all of the shards before Bowsers minions do? Can Mario save the galaxy????

Galaxies Edit

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