Sonic and Mario: Quest for the Ultimate Emerald is a game for the Nintendo Z-Weight and the first game in the Sonic and Mario Adventures series. In the game, Bowser and Eggman team up and steal the Ultimate Emerald: A dangerous gem capable of causing mass destruction! Can Mario and Sonic return it to a safe place before it is too late? They also captured Sonic and Marios friends!

Playable CharactersEdit

Sonic (From Start)

Mario (From Start)

Tails (After World 1)

Luigi (After World 2)

Amy Rose (After World 3)

Peach (After World 4)

Knuckles (After World 5)

Metal Mario (After World 6)

Blaze (After World 7)

Daisy (After World 8)

Shadow (After World 9)

Wario (After World 10)


World 1: Mushroom Hills

World 2: Cotton Candy Clouds

World 3: Savannah Reaches

World 4: Icy Plains

World 5: Cookie Cliffs

World 6: Pyrite Peaks

World 7: Mushroom Heights

World 8: Sandopolis

World 9: Withered Island

World 10: Chemical Base

World 11: Eggkoopa City

Bonus World Star: Hydro City

Bonus World Mushroom: Cat Bell Hills

Bonus World Ring: Kamek's Tower


World 1: Bowser Jr

World 2: Commander Cotton

World 3: Blendo Bot

World 4: Ice Koopa

World 5: Plasma Sonic

World 6: False Mario

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