Special Foods are foods that can only be obtained from streetpass. A traveling mii will offer to trade a special food for play coins. The special food is determined by the country of the player who originally sent the travelling mii into the world. There are 133 Premium Foods. (73 So Far)

List of Premium Foods and their Areas Edit


  • Description: If lobsters are too pricey, chow down on the more cost-efficient crustacean.
  • Mii Reaction: "That was crawesome!"

Alaska-King Crab Legs

  • Description: Scrumptious crab legs submerged in butter
  • Mii Reaction: "Ah, a meal fit for a king"


  • Description: The tiniest, cutest, healthiest pasta out there. Toss in some veggies and enjoy
  • Mii Reaction: "Whoever made this dish went heavy on the olive oil. It's a good thing."


  • Description: Meat and cheese in a corn tortilla with mouthwatering sauce on top.
  • Mii Reaction: "Not gonna lie... I could eat a lotta enchiladas"

Arkansas-Bacon Omelet

  • Description: A yummy eggy omelet, smothered in bacon
  • Mii Reaction: Wow! A blast of bodacious bacon

Australia-Emu Steak


  • Description: A stew of beans with beef and pork, a special Portuguese
  • Mii Reaction: "I wonder, What is Yummy in Portuguese"

California-California Rolls

  • Description: An inside-out sushi roll with sticky white rice, crab, and cucumber.
  • Mii Reaction: "I see why people like California so much. It must be the sushi!"

Canada-Maple Canadian Bacon

China-Chow Mein/Egg Rolls

Colorado-Green Chile Burger

Connecticut-Atlantic Cod

Delaware-Chocolate Bacon


England-Fish and Chips/Crumpet

Florida-Frog Legs

France-Baguette/Creme Brulee

Georgia-Peach Cobbler


Ghana-Fried Plantains


Hawaii-Aloha Musubi

Idaho-Smashed Russet Potatoes

Illinois-Deep Dish Pizza

India-Chicken Tikka Masala/ Lassi

Indiana-Hoosier Sandwich

Indonesia-Exotic Cuisine

Iowa-Grilled Corn



Kentucky-Country Fried Steak

Louisiana-Alligator Fritters

Maine-Lobster Roll

Maryland-Steamed Blue Crabs



Michigan-Meat Loaf

Middle East-Hummus



Missouri-Fried Ravioli

Montana-Huckleberry Pie


Nevada-Five Star Steak

New Hampshire-Corned Beef

New Jersey-Pork Roll Sandwich

New Mexico-Chili Dog

New York-Manhattan Clam Chowder

North Carolina-Crab Cakes

North Dakota-Potato Crepes


Oklahoma-Pulled Pork Sandwich

Oregon-Marion berry Pie

Pennsylvania- Philly Cheese Steak

Rhode Island-Frozen Lemonade

Russia-Shuba Salad

Scotland-Sheppard Pie

South Carolina-Shrimp and Grits

South Dakota-Chislic

Tennessee-Barbecue Ribs

Texas-Chili Con Carne

Thailand-Pad Thai


Utah-Funeral Potatoes

Vermont-Cheddar Pies

Virginia-Virginia Ham Biscuits

Washington-Cheddar Planked Salmon

West Virginia-Pepperoni Roll


Wyoming-Buffalo Steak