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Ash's next series in Xaca! He wins the rest of the gym badges and trains for the Unova leauge! As well as catching new pokemon and meeting new friends! Also, a new friend is traveling with our heros: Carter, A young trainer who's specialty is the ghost type





Age: 15 (16 as of Ash's Birthday)

Badges: 8 by end of season

New Pokemon: Seasteam, Pixiton (Newly Evolved), Meganium (Newly Evolved), Celefly (Newly Evolved)



Age: 15

New Pokemon: Draclet, Alfalfreeze (Newly Evolved), Garchomp (Newly Evolved)



Age: 11

New Pokemon: Raichu



Age: 15

New Pokemon: Pancham



Age: 15

Pokemon: Lampent, Gengar, Rotom


Epi 1: Light up the Night! Part 1Edit

Epi 2: Light up the Night! Part 2Edit

Epi 3: Awaken the SpiritsEdit

Epi 4: Ash and Dawn vs Carter!Edit

Epi 5: Dimention of the GhostsEdit

Epi 6: Crisis Island InvasionEdit

Epi 7: Blast of the Past!Edit

Epi 8: Bond of the IceEdit

Epi 9: Pokepuff PanicEdit

Epi 10: Secret of Route 10Edit

Epi 11: Vandus Park VillianEdit

Epi 12: Cave of CrystalsEdit

Epi 13: Pikaclones in the CaveEdit

Epi 14: Contest of the CaveEdit

Epi 15: Earth to AshEdit

Epi 16: Echna's WorldEdit

Epi 17: Return to the Ghost WorldEdit

Epi 18: Power to Pancham and PikachuEdit

Epi 19: Pikachu in PerilEdit

Epi 20: Ash's BirthdayEdit

Epi 21: The Full rage of Water TypesEdit

Epi 22: New Types, New Faces!Edit

Epi 23: Cosmic Crash!Edit

Epi 24: Ash vs Cosmo, Battle in SpaceEdit

Epi 25: Strategy from another GalaxyEdit

Epi 26: Baloonie ToonsEdit

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