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Game Pieces Edit

  1. Snivy
  2. Tepig
  3. Oshawott
  4. Axew
  5. Pansage
  6. Pidove

Spots Edit

All spaces are in the same spots as in normal Monopoly

Red Spaces:

  • Pledge Grove
  • Virbank Complex
  • Liberty Garden

Brown Spaces:

  • Nuvema Town
  • Accumula Town

Light Blue Spaces:

  • Opelucid City
  • PWT
  • Unity Tower

Orange Spaces:

  • Abyssal Ruins
  • Lacunosa Town
  • Lostlorn Forest

Purple Spaces:

  • Rt. 9 Mall
  • Icirrus City
  • Anville Town

Green Spaces:

  • Plasma Frigate
  • Seaside Cave
  • Relic Castle

Yellow Spaces:

  • Strange House
  • Lentimas Town
  • Wellspring Cave

Blue Spaces

  • Dreamyard
  • Mistralton City
  • Driftveil City

Railroad Spots

  • Skyarrow Bridge
  • Tubeline Bridge
  • Marvelous Bridge
  • Village Bridge

Chance Cards are now pokemon themed and CC cards are now pokemon battle cards. All others are the same

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