Welcome to the Snapia Region! You are a young photographer who is sent by Professor Acacia to photograph every pokemon in the world! Travel around the diverse wilds of this region so you can Snap em all!!!

Playable Characters:

  • Male-You can play again as Todd Snap from the original game!
  • Female-You can also play as Lisa Snap, Todd's sister!

Cost: For $29.99 you can buy this game at any Video game selling store or on the 3ds nintendo shop!

New Features:

The Region-From the lab, you can select an area you can travel to. In each area, there are many different pokemon to find. You can start out with 4 areas to go to, but as you Snap more, you can unlock 42 areas to search and snap pokemon

Areas-The Snapia Region, besides Acacia’s small outpost city is barren wilderness, full of many pokemon to find and snap pictures of pokemon living there. There are many areas including Jungles, Deserts, Oceans and much more

Snapping Pokemon-You must be very quiet sneaking around the areas to find pokemon. You are going to need bait to lure pokemon, fishing rods, binoculars and much more. There are common pokemon. And then there are rares… There are more than 750 pokemon in all to snap

Shiny Pokemon-Shiny pokemon return in this game and are very rare to find and when snapped, can help you alot. You will need shiny bait or other stuff to find them

Albino Pokemon-A new type of rare pokemon, 3 times as rare as shinies, are the elusive Albino pokemon.

The Snapping Dex

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