Pokemon Shadow Gales is a new pokemon game for 3ds. It's the sequel to the Gamecube Game, Pokemon XD Gales of Darkness, and the third game that takes place in the Orre Region. You can play as Alin (Boy) or Kate (Girl) in this new pokemon adventure

Story Edit

Setting Edit

The Game, like it's predecessors takes place in the Orre Region, but now, it is much larger. It takes place 5 years after Pokemon XD Gales of Darkness and 10 years after Pokemon Colosseum.

Plot Edit

It has been five years since evil has been broken up and Orre has been free of Shadow Pokemon, until an evil villain rises from the dust, his name is Miror B. He has seen what has happened to his team and swears that he will take over the region. With the help of former members and new members, he ends up creating many new shadow pokemon, which are wreaking havoc on the land, can you win all the colosseum fights and win back the region

New Team Miror Edit

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