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Ash, Carter, Jamie, May and Fir decide to break apart from Iris, Max and Rif to go on a new adventure in the Northern Tatsamie Region. Where the 5 catch new pokemon, battle new gym leaders and have new adventures



Age 16

Pokemon: Pikachu, Fielderam, Dewott, Soariso, Goodra and Meloetta

Badges: None so far


Age 16

Pokemon: Timadouse, Swalot, Ditto, Ho-oh, Politoed and Swoobat

Badges: None so far


Age 13

Pokemon: Cymodo, Coonleaf and Flixie

Badges: None So far


Age 16

Pokemon: Glaceon, Mega Blazekin, Venusaur, Farflecher, Delcatty and Amazog

Badges: None SO FAR

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