I decided to make football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams for all the cities and towns in Kanto. Later, I will do Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos!

Pallet Town Edit

Football: Pallet Town Charmanders

Baseball: Pallet Town Pika's

Hockey: Pallet Town Squirtles

Basketball: Pallet Town Bulbasaurs

Viridian CityEdit

Football: Viridian Psychics

Baseball: Viridian Rockets

Hockey: Viridian Butterfrees

Basketball: Viridian Pinsirs

Pewter CityEdit

Football: Pewter Geodudes

Baseball: Pewter Aerodayctyls

Hockey: Pewter Kabutops

Basketball: Pewter Omastars

Cerulean CityEdit

Football: Cerulean Forces

Baseball: Cerulean Waves

Hockey: Cerulean Poliwhirls

Basketball: Cerulean Seakings

Vermillion CityEdit

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