Pokémon Inferno and Frost Versions are a pair of Pokémon games developed by X-Boy Wombats Enterprizes. They introduce over 250 new Pokémon, approximately 52 new Mega Evolutions, a trio of new types (Rubber, Sound, and Cosmic), and several smaller differences to set it apart from previous games in the series.

The mascot of Inferno version is Blazerino, and the mascot of Frost Version is Permantis.

New Features Edit

  • 250 new pokemon
  • 52 all new Mega Evolutions
  • An all new story in the beautiful Weslon Region
  • Defeat 8 New gymleaders, elite 4 and champion
  • Defeat the evil team Steam
  • Pokemon Fusions????

Story Edit

Deep in the heart of an enormous forest, a hidden but secretful region lies, its name: The Weslon Region. You play as either a boy named Edgar or a girl named Maria. You must travel across the Weslon Region, Defeat the Weslon League, complete a new pokedex with over 900 pokemon and stop the evil Team Steam, what could be their evil plan?

Pokedex Edit

New Pokemon in Weslon Edit

  1. Koalypta-Grass
  2. Ursacalyptus-Grass
  3. Eucawuala-Grass/Rock
  4. Calfire-Fire
  5. Flamoo-Fire
  6. Oxplosion-Fire/Steel
  7. Platablia-Water
  8. Resivous-Water/Ground
  9. Platiphoon-Water/Ground
  10. Harliquail

New Mega Evolutions Edit

  • The Three Johto Starter Final Forms
  • The Three Sinnoh Starter Final Forms
  • The Three Unova Starter Final Forms

New Primal Forms Edit

New Pokemon Leauge Edit

Gymleaders Edit

  1. Aquira (Water)
  2. Rye (Grass)
  3. Kindle (Fire)
  4. Skye (Flying)
  5. Flo (Electric)
  6. Omi (Dark)
  7. Clyde (Rock)
  8. Snay (Bug)

Elite Four Edit

Champion Edit

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