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There is a whole new region coming your way, The Sono region and weird things start to happen! Some parts are heating up really high and some parts are freezing cold! It is your job to pick a starter stop Team Freeze Flame, Catch the legendary pokemon and Stop the heat and cold!

Pokemon ListEdit

Leaferd   Grass   #1

Lizleaf      Grass/Poison #2

Leaftox   Grass/Poison #3   [ Mega Form ]

Wation    Water  #4

Wavemane  Water/Ice #5

Watclaw   Water/Ice #6   [ Mega Form ]

Fiscale   Fire #7

Emberspike  Fire/Dragon #8

Flameagon   Fire/Dragon #9   [ Mega Form ]

Norant  Normal #10

Antormal Normal/Fighting  #11

Fatapus  Steel #12

Sharkgon  Dragon/Water #13

Dragark   Dragon/Water #14

Tridile   Ground/Water #15

Porchop Fighting/Ground #16

Flydin  Flying/Grass #17

Zipfly  Flying/Grass #18

Zekin  Eletric/Normal #19

Toxat  Poison #20

Toxfang Poison/Normal #21

Leafwand  Grass/Fairy #22

Pixtwig  Grass/Fairy #23

Ficaritops Fire/Ground #24

Fimelion   Blaze #25

Blazechange  Blaze/Nature #26    [ Mega Form ]

Ticktock  Nature #27

Bitime  Nature/Eletric #28

Fangclock  Nature/Eletric #29

Flamegg  Fire #30

Inferling  Fire/Dragon #31

Inferstarr   Fire/Dragon #32

Watteg  Water #33

Legendary PokemonEdit

Flarerex   Lava/Fairy

Wavicabra Splash/Bug

Cheetivy   Grass/poison

Mega Victini  Fire/DNA

Mutant Genesect   Bug/DNA

Mega Melloetta   Phychic/Normal

Mega Keldeo  Water/Phychic

Darkmist ????

Mega Kyurem  Ice/Phycic

Comblast  Fighting/Ground

Psyquatro Psychic/Flying

Darcinco Dark/Flying Farotres Fary/Flying

False Groudon Ground/????

Legking Grass/Water/Fire/Dragon/Ghost






This is the boy trainer if you choose him your  rival

will be a boy.

This is the girl trainer if you choose her  your rival

is a girl.

Rival Adam

This is your rival Adam he is your rival if you choose the boy.

Important Notes...Edit

READ  THIS NOW NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game will be 3D like Pokemon X&Y  and Pokemon Omega Ruby&Pokemon Alpha Sapphire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means NO 2D games like Pokemon Black 2&White 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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