Rated T for Teen: Pokemon and humans used to live in a peaceful world, from time to time, there were evil organizations bent on evil, but there was always someone to stop them. But what if no-one stopped them, and the world was plunged into apocalypse? Well that's exactly what happened... Its 10 years after evil began to rein. Most pokemon are dead, and the living ones are cyborgs! Humans are fighting for survival. Can you raise a team of Cyborg Pokemon and come out of the shadows, to save our world? Find out in an all new game: Pokemon Extinction, coming soon


Most species are extinct, only 122 species of cyborg pokemon remain

  1. Charmandroid (Charmander)
  2. Robomeleon (Charmeleon)
  3. Fusiocopter (Charizard)
  4. Bulbachip
  5. Ivycode
  6. Venurobot
  7. Squirborg
  8. Borgtortle
  9. Stoisenator
  10. Digcolps
  11. Cloptrio
  12. Minccion X
  13. Chinccinion X
  14. Hipborgatos
  15. Borgodown
  16. Bagon XYZ
  17. Sheldon XYZ
  18. Salamence XYZ
  19. Zuborg
  20. Golbot
  21. Crobotnic
  22. Pichu X
  23. Pikachu Y
  24. Raichu Z
  25. Arodon
  26. Lairodon
  27. Aggrodon
  28. Glameowth
  29. Persiugly
  30. Porygon
  31. Porygon 2
  32. Porygon Z
  33. Porygon X
  34. Porygon Y
  35. Hoppikill
  36. Skilloom
  37. Termipluff
  38. Magikreature
  39. Gyracreature
  40. Burnwikk
  41. Lampburn
  42. Solarlamp 2.22
  43. Shroombot
  44. Byteloom
  45. Chinggun
  46. Ghimegun
  47. Sphealdroid
  48. Sealeodroid
  49. Walreindroid
  50. Skrookum
  51. Hex
  52. Overheatmor
  53. Mewthree

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