Pokémon Bronze Version is the Generation VIII game created by X-Bot Inc. and Gamefreak Studios. Like Pokémon Gold and Silver which games have Kanto available in these games, Pokémon Bronze will have Kalos available in the games. The games also take place in the Naearuva (Japanese: Nieta) and Kalos regions seven years after Pokémon X and Y.

Gameplay and New Features Edit

  • Available for 3ds, 2ds, New 3ds, New 3dsXL and 3dsXL
  • Pokedex Style in 3d
  • Move Styles in 3D
  • Like in HGSS, the pokemon will walk behind the player
  • The Naearuva region is the new biggest region based off South America
  • New playable characters: Peter and Paris
  • Many new trainer customization features
  • There are customizable backpacks
  • New Rival Characters: Holly, Manfred and Peter (If Girl)/ Paris (If Boy)
  • Dig and Teleport are now Hm's
  • HM's consist of Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Whirlpool, Dive, Waterfall, Dig and Teleport
  • Trainers are allowed to trade Pokémon at Global Tech and capture Pokémon with new abilities and special moves at Pokémon Dream World.
  • Seasons now change depending on the real seasons and your hemisphere
  • Weather changes depending on the seasons
  • Pokemon Contests Return
  • Pokécandy are candy made from berries raise the Pokémon condition for Pokémon Contests. Like Pokéblocks, and Poffins, Pokécandies raise either Beauty, Tough, Cute, Cool, or Smart condition of a Pokémon in a Contest.
  • Triple battles can now have three trainers
  • PWT returns and adds Elite 4
  • More character development of people such as Xerosic, Emma and Korrina
  • New characters
  • Brilliant amazing new animation

Characters Edit

Peter-The male playable character in Pokemon Bronze.

Paris-The female playable character in Pokemon Bronze. She has pale pink hair in a ponytail and a white hat with goggles. She is wearing a pink shirt with a black vest and shorts with pink sneakers, she also holds a pink handbag




Professor Willow

Items Edit

Trainer Classes Edit

Naearuva Pokedex Edit

The Naearuva Region Edit

New Moves Edit

Team Metallic Edit

Gift Pokemon Edit

Trivia Edit

Trailers for Pokemon Bronze Edit

Announcement Trailer-

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