Orion Town is the second Town you get to in your game

Pokemon CenterEdit

It has all the things a normal Pokemon Center would have: Nurse, PC, Pokemart

NEW!!! The Pokemon Center now has a POKEMON STORE. Where you can buy pokemon with Pokebucks

NEW!!! Pokebucks ATM will let you have access to your money and put it in the Eistis Bank

NEW!!! Battle Nurse Joy

Pokemon Fan ClubEdit

There are many pokemon fans in here who will give you stuff

John/Xena's HouseEdit

When you go in, He/She will ask you for a favor: Get the missing pokeball out of the sewers. You will have to go in the sewers and get the pokeball. When you retrieve it, He/She will give you an Expert share and challenge you to a battle. Win or Lose, you will become frineds and Rivals


There are 2 random houses with no use whatsoever


In the sewers you will find pokemon. There is a maze through it. At the End, you will find a pokeball that says: JOHN or XENA's MISSING POKEBALL. Once out, you can Deliver the Pokeball to him/her. There is also a garden area that is accessed from a door right next to the sewer exit. On the other side of John/Xena's Pokeball

Wild PokemonEdit

Sewers Main Area

Grimer Lv 5-7

Ekanz Lv 5-7

Koffing Lv 5-7

Sewers Garden Area

Fevmu Lv 6-7

Lightza Lv 6-7


John (If your playing as Xena):

Grimer Lv 8

Lightza Lv 9

Xena (If you are playing as John)

Ekanz Lv 8

Fevmu Lv 9