The Nintendo Solar (Formely called the Nintendo 3DSolar) is a new Nintendo device released in June of 2019 along with the Nintendo 4ds. It introduces eco-friendly designs and is solar powered, also, there are many new games and features

Solar Design Edit

The Nintendo Solar is a device that is similar in design to the 2ds. It has 3 new buttons: Charge, Zl and ZR. The most notable design is that on the back of the device, there are no places to charge it, there is just a solar panel. When set into charge mode, if light is hitting the device, it will charge. It comes in 8 colors: Grassy Green, Solar Yellow, Blazing Orange, Deep Red, Ocean Blue, Mysterious Purple, Peaceful Pink, and Nightshade Black

History of the Solar Edit

June 24 2018-Tatsumi Kimishama announces that in approximately one year, Nintendo will release two new handheld devices

July 14 2018-Nintendo reveals that the devices are near completion and a teaser will come out in the next few months

September 19 2018-Nintendo leaks a poster showing the silhouettes of the two new devices with the names under the device silhouettes, they are blurred however

October 23 2018-Nintendo releases a new poster, this time, the devices are actually shown and the names are released, as 4DS and Solar

December 13 2018-The first trailer for the Solar is shown, where it reveals the Solar charging and hints some new games

Christmas 2018-Kimishama reveals that there will be 5 4ds games released on the same day as the 4ds

January 1 2019-Gamefreak reveals 4 new pokemon games to be released, 2 for the 4ds and 2 for the Solar

Jan-June 2019-3 more trailers are released for the device, many trailers have been released for the new games for the devices

Jun 23 2019-The 4ds and Solar are released in stores, as well as 5 new 4ds games and 6 new Solar games

June 24 2020-This is the second anniversary of the Solar. The appstore permanently releases all Pokemon Games ever made to buy

Games for the Nintendo Solar Edit

Go to the link:

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