Nintendo 4DS is a new Nintendo device that was released in June of 2019 along with the Nintendo Solar. It introduces 4d game play and many new games.

4DS Design Edit

The Nintendo 4DS is very similar to the Nintendo 3ds in design, but it has many differences. First of all, it comes in a few parts: The device itself, some cords, and the VR headset. The device itself is similar to the 3ds, but, it has 4 new buttons: The ZR and ZL, A special button in the middle of the 4 letter buttons and a disconnect headset button. There is also a plug in the devices back that lets you plug the headset in. The headset looks similar to the Ocoulus Rift headset

History of the 4DS Edit

June 24 2018-Tatsumi Kimishama announces that in approximately one year, Nintendo will release two new handheld devices

July 14 2018-Nintendo reveals that the devices are near completion and a teaser will come out in the next few months

September 19 2018-Nintendo leaks a poster showing the silhouettes of the two new devices with the names under the device silhouettes, they are blurred however

October 23 2018-Nintendo releases a new poster, this time, the devices are actually shown and the names are released, as 4DS and Solar

December 13 2018-The first trailer for the 4ds is shown, where it reveals 4d game play and amazing new graphics, new games are hinted

Christmas 2018-Kimishama reveals that there will be 5 4ds games released on the same day as the 4ds

January 1 2019-Gamefreak reveals 4 new pokemon games to be released, 2 for the 4ds and 2 for the Solar

Jan-June 2019-3 more trailers are released for the device, many trailers have been released for the new games for the devices

Jun 23 2019-The 4ds and Solar are released in stores, as well as 5 new 4ds games and 6 new Solar games

June 24 2020-It is the 2nd anniversary of the 4ds

Games for the 4DS Edit

Go to this link:

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