My Singing Monsters 3 is an all new game in the My Singing Monsters series. It is a world builder simulation game where the player develops groups of monsters which sing and play music. 

New Features Edit

Welcome to the edge of time, in an amazing area of islands floating in the sky, on these islands are amazing monsters full of song and sound. Here are new features

  • More than 95+ New monsters including new Wublins
  • New elements and islands
  • Create amazing and beautiful monster symphonies
  • Play with your friends
  • So much more

Islands in the Game Edit

  • Air Island-Starting Island
  • Earth Island-Level 6
  • Plant Island-Level 9
  • Cold Island-Level 12
  • Water Island-Level 14
  • Fire Island-Level 16
  • Energy Island-Level 18
  • Darkness Island-Level 24
  • Gold Island-From Beginning
  • Wublin Island-Level 7
  • Ethereal Island-Level 3
  • Shugafam Island-Level 3
  • Celestial Island-Level 3
  • Tribal Island-Join a Tribe
  • Glowbee Island-???
  • Gear Island-Level 40

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