Before Universes Beginning: Arceus is born

Years Before Universes Beginning: Arceus created the Creation Trio and gives them their jobs

Minutes Before Universes Beginning: The Lake Guardians are Born

Beginning of Universe: Arceus, The Creation Trio and Lake Trio create the universe

1,000,000 years after Universe Beginning: The pokemon world is created

1,000,000 years after Universe Beginning: The Weather Trio are created

2,000,000 years aftr Universe Beginning: Mt. Coronet is created causing the Regi Trio to be created

3,000,000 years after Universe Beginning: Stark Mountian and Heatran are formed

3,000,000 years after Universe Beginning: Arceus and the Creation Trio fall into deep slumbers

300,000,000 years prior: An anicent version of Genesect roamed and Kabuto and Kabutops lived in the sea

100,000,000 years prior: Aerodayctyl, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtuga, Archen, Lileep and theyre evos roamed

10,000 years prior: Mamoswine population flourished

5,000 years prior: Majikarp decendants mutated into the Sh** we know and hate

3,000 years prior: The Relic Items were created in Unova

3,000 years prior: The Kalos war occoured

2,500 years prior: The Relic Castle was built

1,500 years prior: Unown writing is developed, also, farfetched populations decrease

1,000 years prior: Xerneas went into a deep slumber

700 years prior: The Bell Tower and Brass Tower are constructed in Ecruteak City

500 years prior: Spiritomb is sealed forever and the Cainwood Pharmacy is built

400 years prior: A drought in Azalea Town is stopped by a Slowpoke

300 years prior: Parfum Palace is Constructed

200 years prior: Village Bridge is Constructed

150 years prior: Brass Tower is burnt and Lugia flees. Ho-oh saves 3 unnamed beasts from the fire

150 years prior: PKMN League was first held

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