Making Trainer sprites and other characters in My Poke World is very easy, follow the twelve steps in this tutorial and you will be a spriting master

Step 1: Starting Edit

Once you have started the game and started creating, look on the top left corner, there should be three icons. The one on the far left is the back arrow, the one in the middle shows a trainer sprite with a plus sign, and the one on the right shows a bulbasaur with a plus sign. Choose the one in the middle. This will open up the character creator. Choose your character's gender, male or female, and begin

Step 2: Character Background Edit

Once you start, you will be asked many questions about your character, these include their personality, age, running speed, attitude, name and much more. When you are done, click the next button. If you are not sure about some of these choices, don't worry, you can always go back and change it.

Step 3: Vs Sprite Edit

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