Minecraft Diamond Edition is a Sequel to the sandbox game Minecraft. The game is for PC, Mac, IOS, X-Box, Playstation, Windows, Android and Ocoulus Rift. The game is like minecraft in many ways but it also has many new additions. Examples are: Story Mode, An Ingame Store and The "Create a Block" Block.


Story Mode (A game with a storyline)

Sandbox Mode (Regular Game)

Friends Mode (Multiplayer)

Shop (Use "Mine Tokens" to Purchase stuff)

Vault (To store and save created items)

Story Mode StorylineEdit

Play as a young boy or girl to save the minecraftian world from the evil Herobrine. Travel through 12 worlds and use your brain (redstone too) to defeat bosses and save the day.

Minecraft ShopEdit

First, you earn tokens by completing achievements in the minecraft game. There are almost infinity achievements so don't worry about it, you can also buy achievements for 100 tokens for $1.99

Morphs: You can buy special skins that make you look like mobs for 5mt each

Enchantments: Another thing you can get is premium enchantments for 50mt each

Bluestone Dust: Bluestone is a new addition to MCDE, it is like redstone, but it is incredibly rare and can make lots of cool stuff, different stuff than redstone. It can be found in the wild but is extremely rare, or it can be purchased in the MC Shop, 100mt for 10 bluestone dust

More Leaked Shop items soon.....

Ingame AdditionsEdit

  • Great New Graphics
  • 20 New Biomes
  • 5 New Minecraft Dimentions
  • 50 All new mobs and animals
  • "Bluestone" A new redstone type
  • Holidays and Seasons
  • 12 New Ores
  • Amazing new battle tactics
  • 15 Boss Fights

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