This is a collection of the various problems that mii's can face in Tomodachi World

Normal Problems Edit

Hunger-Mii Will Ask for food

New House-Mii Will Ask for a new interior

Dress Up-Mii Will ask for new clothes

Headwears-Mii Will Ask for a hat

Sickness-Mii Will be sick and ask for cold, stomach, throat or flu medicine

Lost Item-Mii Will lose an Item and ask for the player to find it

Found Items-Mii Will find a lost item and return it to the person who lost it

Funny Faces-Mii Will ask if you want to see a funny face

Impression-Mii will make an impression of another mii

Sneeze-Mii will ask player to help them with a sneeze

Insomnia-Mii can't sleep and asks for a lullaby

Bad Hair Day-Mii will ask player to help them with a bad hair day

X-Ray Vision-Mii will ask player to look inside their belly/head

Catchphrase-Mii will want to set their happy, mad, sad or worried saying

Letter-A mysterious person wrote a letter to the mii

Family Talk-The mii will want to talk about their family members

Money-Mii will ask for money (does not subtract)

Disposable Camera-Mii asks for a disposable camera

Bath-Mii Asks for a bath

Hair Color-Mii asks for new hair color

Age Change-Mii will ask for Age-o-matic or Kid-o-matic

Pet-Mii will ask for a pet

Traveling (Normal)-Mii Will ask for a travel ticket to go on a trip

Art Kit-Mii will ask for an art kit and paint you a picture

Cooking-Mii will cook you a meal

Friend Problems Edit

Wanting to be Friends-Mii wants to be friends with another mii

Heard of Friend-Mii hears that another friend wants to be friends with them

Introduction-Mii wants introduce one friend to another

Friend Opinions-Mii will ask to rank their friendship

Fight-Mii has a fight with their friends

Rivalry-Mii begins to classify friend as rival

Big Fight-Mii Has a big fight with another mii that can only be stopped by a third mii

Make Up-Mii, after a fight will want to make up with friend

MatchMaker-Mii will want to try to get two mii's together

Suspected Relationship-Mii will wonder why another mii would try to get them and a third mii together

Date-Mii will want to take sweetheart on a date

Vacation-Mii will want to travel with best friend or sweetheart

Sibling Rivalry-A Mii child will have a fight with his brother or sister

Adoption-Mii will want to adopt a child

Playdate-If two child mii's are on the island at once, the parent of one of the children will want to get them together on a playdate

Love Problems Edit

Confession-Mii will confess his/her love to another mii

Likeness-Mii will ask player if they think another mii likes them

Proposal-Mii will want to propose to his/her boyfriend or girlfriend

Multi Confession-Mii will reveal that they like two other mii's and ask the player who to confess their love to

Baby-Mii will ask if they and spouse should have a baby

Twins-Mii will ask if they and spouse should have Twins

Triplets-Mii will ask if they and spouse should have Triplets

Divorce Solve-Mii will want to get back together with former spouse or sweetheart

Adoption-Mii will want to adopt a child (This can happen with single parents, same sex parents and parents of different sexes)

Jealousy-A rejected mii will get jealous sometimes and ask you to help him break up the mii he loved and his/her sweetheart

Parent Matchmaking-If parents are divorced, child mii will try to get them together

Jealousy Apology-If jealous mii successfully breaks two mii's up, he/she may become sad and want to make things right, afterwards, the two mii's will become sweethearts again

Sadness Problems Edit

Make-Up Rejection-Mii gets rejected when trying to make-up with a friend

Rejected Confession-Mii gets rejected when confessing love to another mii

Divorce-Sadness will happen when mii's get divorced

Rejected By Ex Spouse-Mii will get rejected when wanting to get back together with spouse, this causes the most sadness

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