This is a collection of the various problems that mii's can face in Tomodachi World

Normal Problems Edit

Hunger-Mii Will Ask for food

New House-Mii Will Ask for a new interior

Dress Up-Mii Will ask for new clothes

Headwears-Mii Will Ask for a hat

Sickness-Mii Will be sick and ask for cold, stomach, throat or flu medicine

Lost Item-Mii Will lose an Item and ask for the player to find it

Found Items-Mii Will find a lost item and return it to the person who lost it

Funny Faces-Mii Will ask if you want to see a funny face

Impression-Mii will make an impression of another mii

Sneeze-Mii will ask player to help them with a sneeze

Insomnia-Mii can't sleep and asks for a lullaby

Bad Hair Day-Mii will ask player to help them with a bad hair day

X-Ray Vision-Mii will ask player to look inside their belly/head

Catchphrase-Mii will want to set their happy, mad, sad or worried saying

Letter-A mysterious person wrote a letter to the mii

Family Talk-The mii will want to talk about their family members

Money-Mii will ask for money (does not subtract)

Disposable Camera-Mii asks for a disposable camera

Bath-Mii Asks for a bath

Hair Color-Mii asks for new hair color

Age Change-Mii will ask for Age-o-matic or Kid-o-matic

Pet-Mii will ask for a pet

Traveling (Normal)-Mii Will ask for a travel ticket to go on a trip

Art Kit-Mii will ask for an art kit and paint you a picture

Cooking-Mii will cook you a meal

Friend Problems Edit

Wanting to be Friends-Mii wants to be friends with another mii

Heard of Friend-Mii hears that another friend wants to be friends with them

Introduction-Mii wants introduce one friend to another

Friend Opinions-Mii will ask to rank their friendship

Fight-Mii has a fight with their friends

Rivalry-Mii begins to classify friend as rival

Big Fight-Mii Has a big fight with another mii that can only be stopped by a third mii

Make Up-Mii, after a fight will want to make up with friend

MatchMaker-Mii will want to try to get two mii's together

Suspected Relationship-Mii will wonder why another mii would try to get them and a third mii together

Date-Mii will want to take sweetheart on a date

Vacation-Mii will want to travel with best friend or sweetheart

Sibling Rivalry-A Mii child will have a fight with his brother or sister

Adoption-Mii will want to adopt a child

Playdate-If two child mii's are on the island at once, the parent of one of the children will want to get them together on a playdate

Love Problems Edit

Confession-Mii will confess his/her love to another mii

Likeness-Mii will ask player if they think another mii likes them

Proposal-Mii will want to propose to his/her boyfriend or girlfriend

Multi Confession-Mii will reveal that they like two other mii's and ask the player who to confess their love to

Baby-Mii will ask if they and spouse should have a baby

Twins-Mii will ask if they and spouse should have Twins

Triplets-Mii will ask if they and spouse should have Triplets

Divorce Solve-Mii will want to get back together with former spouse or sweetheart

Adoption-Mii will want to adopt a child (This can happen with single parents, same sex parents and parents of different sexes)

Jealousy-A rejected mii will get jealous sometimes and ask you to help him break up the mii he loved and his/her sweetheart

Parent Matchmaking-If parents are divorced, child mii will try to get them together

Jealousy Apology-If jealous mii successfully breaks two mii's up, he/she may become sad and want to make things right, afterwards, the two mii's will become sweethearts again. This may or may not cause the two sweethearts to lose friendship with the jealous mii

Sadness Problems Edit

Make-Up Rejection-Mii gets rejected when trying to make-up with a friend

Rejected Confession-Mii gets rejected when confessing love to another mii

Divorce-Sadness will happen when mii's get divorced

Rejected By Ex Spouse-Mii will get rejected when wanting to get back together with spouse, this causes the most sadness