Treasures are random items that can be obtained from playing games with mii's, watching mii dreams and more methods. Treasures can be sold at the Pawn Shop for money. There are 324 treasures in all in this game. 52 from Tomodachi Collection, 152 from Tomodachi Life and 120 New Ones

List of Treasures from Tomodachi Collection Edit

Iron-A cordless iron with a steam function/$26.00

SLR Camera-A standard single-lens reflex (SLR) camera/$228.00

Puppy Plush-A cute and fluffy plush toy that makes you feel at peace/$28.00

Fan-In summer, it is nice to carry a fan to keep you cool/$5.00

Ocarina-A beautiful blue ocarina that produces clear sounds/$36.00

Pacifier-A cute pearl blue pacifier to help keep a baby quiet/$4.00

Charm-A vivid charm with gold thread to deliver peace of mind/$10.00

Castanets-Cute castanets in two-tone, red and blue colors/$6.00

Robot-This small robot can fight the evil invaders!/$37.00

Brooch-It is beautiful and shiny with very delicate craftsmanship.

Sculpture-Beautiful craftsmanship of a glass swan sculpture.

Dirty Rag-A very dirty rag. There is probably no use for it.

Stamp-A commemorative stamp with original design.

Wooden Bear-A sturdy and very detailed carved bear from Hokkaido.

Fish Print-A splendid commemorative fish print.

First Medal-Congratulations for winning the first prize!

Gameboy-Very compact system. It fits comfortably in your hand.

Kokeshi Doll-It always stands still quietly.

Bungee Rope-It can extend very well and is very durable.

Wedding Ring-


Soccer Park-







Snow Globe-

Spanish Fan-

Cicada Shell-

Elephant Statue-

Shirt Button-




Totem Pole-


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