This is a list of the dungeons in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Road to Victory. There is 253 Dungeons in all and this page shows numbers 1-50

#1. Craggy BadlandsEdit

Craggy Badlands is the first dungeon in the game. Mienshao and Duosion accidentally blasted you into the beginning of this dungeon. They had a bad aim. You have to get through this dungeon and then another one to get to the Mystery Dungeon Labyrinth Community. There is Five floors in the dungeon and they are fairly easy. The music that plays in this dungeon is a remix of the music in Pokepark 2 when friend pokemon are running towards the portal to help open it. 

#2. Abundant Woods Edit

Abundant Woods is the 2nd Dungeon in the game. This dungeon begins when Craggy Badlands ends. It is full of very tall trees and it is 7 Floors long. According to the time of year, the trees turn different colors. The music that plays in this dungeon is not a remix, at the end of the dungeon, Latios and Latias are there to welcome you into the MDLC

#3. Snaking MazeEdit

Snaking Maze (aka: The Labyrinth) Is a testing dungeon that is under the MDLC. It is used by Mienshao to test Owood and Pikachu to see if they are ready for the world. Instead of floors, there are 5 areas that the player has to maze through to reach Area 6, where the Mienshao is there to test you with a battle

#4. Changing CastleEdit

Changing Castle is an underground castle and the 4th in game Dungeon. After you become a team with Owood, you recieve news that Burnoat got into trouble at the Castle and you have to find her. There are 8 Floors and at the top, you find Burnoat captured by Lopunny. Lopunny is the second boss fight, after winning, Lopunny retreats and Burnoat will join your team.

#5. Nightmare ForestEdit

#6. Team Destruct Forest Base Edit

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