Lion Evolution is a new game Created by Tapps Games and X-Boy Studios. It is a new sequel to the app Goat Evolution. It is for Apple and Android devices.

Features in the Game Edit

  • Fill up the Lionpedia with 450+ lions
  • Collect Many Many upgrades
  • Travel to Mars, Pluto, The Sun and the sea floors
  • All New Ways to Recreate the Universe!
  • Awesome Daily Minigames

Areas in the Game Edit

  1. Jungle
  2. Plains
  3. Mountains
  4. Atmosphere
  5. Ultimate Being World
  6. Mars
  7. Mars Skies
  8. Mars Atmosphere
  9. Ocean Floor
  10. Ocean Mountians
  11. Ocean Surface
  12. Pluto
  13. Pluto Skies
  14. Pluto Atmosphere
  15. Sun Surface
  16. Sun Skies
  17. Sun Atmosphere

Lions in the Game-Jungle Edit

Baby Lion-The Cutest Little Lion Ever! Dont let it fool you, it'll bite your finger off

Adult Lion-Your everyday lion, created when two baby lions join

Leolol-He just discovered emoji's. His favorite is the lion one!

Caprileo-All right, we can seriously stop it with the Illuminati Jokes

The Prowling Death-Runs through the jungle at high speeds. Not so big ARE you elephants

Lookleo-A very tall lion, forget about its roar, it can be seen from 5 miles away

Lyin-Says that he can do amazing stuff, but he's just lyin

Big Beast-This guy is the real king of the jungle, it eats giraffes for breakfast

Lions in the Game-Plains Edit

Simbrawl-Don't Pick a fight with beast or you won't have Hakuna Matata

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