Legend of Zelda: Rise of the Energy God is a new installment in the Legend of Zelda Series and the 1st one for the Nintendo Z-Weight. It will be released in Japan on May 5th 2016 and for USA and Europe on November 7th 2016. The game includes the toon characters and it occours 5 years after the events of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  On the device, the 4 main buttons are attack buttons, the Left Shift is Shield, The Right Shift is Crouch, Pause pauses the game, Button L, R, Scan and Center, you can assign for items. The Left Swivel Stick helps you move and the Right one helps you look around. Here is a breif description of the game. 

Game DescriptionEdit

Only 5 years after the events of the game Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Outset Island has rapidly grown and evolved from primitivity. Link has told everyone of his adventures and taught the neighbors and Aryll swordsplay. But a new evil has risen... What if I told you Tetra was not Zelda, or Majora, Ghirahim and Zant were all the same creature. Yep, most of the villians have actually been heroes and manipulated. Tetra is non existant... She is just a scam played by an evil force: The Energy God! With the help of Zelda, Zill, Meldi, Joel, Tingle, Aryll, Midna, The King of Red Lions, Ganondorf ,The Three Goddesses, and a mysterious boy named Carter, travel to the far off Trickster's Ocean and set the world right before The Energy God Destroy's it! 

Playable CharactersEdit

Teen Link-Teen Link is the main playable character. He is Toon Link but 5 years after the event of Wind Waker. His home island is Outset Island. He has the special ability to jump higher that the others. His sister is Princess Zelda as revealed in the end of the game

Moves: A-Punch, B-Sword, Z-Hell Fire's Curse, C-Dragon's Burst, Special-Outset Outrage

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Princess Zelda-Princess Zelda is the Secondary Main character. She is Toon Zelda but 5 years after the events of Wind Waker. Her Homeland is Hyrule. She has the special ability to turn into Toon Shiek or Zelda. Her brother is Link as revealed in the end of the game

Moves: A-Kick, B-Bow and Arrow, Z-Fire Spinner, C-Wind Spell, Special-Princess's Love

Age: 14 and a Half

Gender: Female

Zill and Joel-Zill and Joel are a brother tag team and the Tertiary Main Characters. They are Zill and Joel but 5 years after the evnts of Wind Waker. Their home island is Outset Island. They have the special ability to have x2 hearts since there are 2 of them.

Moves: A-Punch, B-Sword, Z-Tag Team Blast, C-Energy Spell, Special-Bro Bond Burst

Age: 9 (Joel) and 8 (Zill)

Gender: Male

Medli-Meldi is a Rito Girl who's home island is Dragon Roost Island. She is Medli but 5 years after the event of the game Wind Waker. She has the special ability to fly. Her boyfriend is Link after she told her feelings to him at the end of the game

Moves: A-Punch, B-Gust, C-Hyper Beak, Special: Spirit Valoo

Age: 13

Gender: Femals

Carter-Carter is a human boy who's home world is Earth. He is a user of strong magic with the use of his magic glove. He has the special ability to move heavy items with telekenesis. He is the boss in Rinthmaster Cave who was assigned by the gods to test Link to see if he was ready for the upgrade his Hookshot is returned with

Moves: A: Power Punch, B: Earth Blast, C: Energy Burst, Special-Animation Spell

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Areas (Tricksters Sea) Edit

Outset Island 

Pinapple Cove Beach

Part 1: Setting Sail

Squidcove Island

Paradise Beach

Pyropuff Peak

Heart Island

Dersola Archepalogo

Woodstone Island

Part 2: All Fired Up

Bearsting Beach

Spearsword Island

Eyesoldier Isle

Firebomb Island

Naryu's Tomb

Rinthmaster Cave

Part 3: Star of the Gods

Tower of Time

Point of Courage

Point of Kindness

Point of Strength

Point of Bravery

Point of Friendship

Water Temple

Ice Temple

Obsidian Temple

Part 4: Test of Power

Twilight River Cave

Tsuru Hollow

Passage of Speed

Hotto Volcano

Shellback Island

Ganon's Tower

Part 5: The Feat of Truth

Aishojo Tower

Confusion Cave

Grove of Fire

Withered Temple

Tower of Charge

Goddess' Temple

Part 6: Final Adventure

Temple of Wood

Temple of Fire

Temple of Metal

Temple of Electricity

Temple of Aether

Energy God's Tower

Bosses and MinibossesEdit

Pyropuff Peak Miniboss-Skorcca

Pyropuff Peak Boss-Flamask

Woodstone Island Miniboss-Megaloper

Woodstone Island Boss-Illusion Skull Kid

Spearsword Island Miniboss-Psyshoot

Spearsword Island Boss-Paradaunter

Firebomb Island Miniboss-Bubblomech

Firebomb Island Boss-Illusion Ghirahim

Rinthmaster Cave Miniboss-Boko Boss

Rinthmaster Cave Boss-Carter

Tower of Time Miniboss-Timeslayer

Tower of Time Boss-Illusion Zant

Obsidan Temple Miniboss-Emigolem

Obsidian Temple Boss-Shadhound

Areas in Part 4 Do Not have Minibosses

Twilight River Cave Boss-Midna

Tsuro Hollow Boss-Megavine

Hotto Volcano Boss-Skorcca 2.0

Ganon's Tower Boss-Illusion Ganon

In Part 5, 2 Areas have minibosses and 2 Don't (Last Area has 3 Bosses and no Minibosses)

Aishojo Tower Miniboss-Charmator

Aishojo Tower Boss-Winklinkan

Grove of Fire Boss-Bluecannon

Tower of Charge Miniboss-Meggaahr

Tower of Charge Boss-Fortuna

Goddess's Temple Boss #1-Farore

Goddess's Temple Boss #2-Nayru

Goddess's Temple Boss #3-Din

As the hardest part, Part 6's Area's all have bosses and Minibosses

Temple of Wood Miniboss-Woodsmoth

Temple of Wood Boss-Wood Waker

Temple of Fire Miniboss-Fierrsa

Temple of Fire Boss-Flame Waker

Temple of Metal Miniboss-Metapede

Temple of Metal Boss-Steel Waker

Temple of Electricity Miniboss-Shockrud

Temple of Electricity Boss-Static Waker

Temple of Aether Miniboss-Snakerhorn

Temple of Aether Boss-Universe Waker

Energy God Tower Miniboss-Puppet God

Energy God Tower Boss-Energy God

Special Items You UseEdit

After the shift that brings Link and the rest of Outset Island, Links weapons are gone except for his sword. After every miniboss, Link gets a new item, after each boss, he gets an item that he already owned and he dropped it during the Energy God's Shift... In Part 4, 2 Bosses have old items and 2 have new ones. After the Tower of Charge, You obtain upgrades instead of Items. In Part 6, Minibosses do not drop special items. These do not include, Bait and Spoil Bags, The Sword, Magic Armour and Wind Waker

After Skorrka-Pyro Stick

After Flamask-Telescope

After Megaloper-Fruit Bag

After Illusion Skull Kid-Picto Box

After Psyshot-Telsophone

After Paradaunter-Grappling Hook

After Bubblomech-Bubble Boots

After Illusion Ghiraham-Boomerang

After Boko Boss-Magic Seeds

After Carter-Hero's Bow

After Time Slayer-CosmicSpinGloves

After Illusion Zant-Bomb and Bomb Bag

After Emigolem-Mind Map

After Shadhound-HookShot

After Midna-Deku Leaf

After MegaVine-Air Boots

After Skorcca 2.0-Power Bracelets

After Illusion Ganon-Holobeamer

After Charmator-Super Sprayer

After Winklinkan-Skull Hammer

After Bluecannon-Iron Boots

After Meggaar-Ninja Mask

After Fortuna-Hero's Charm

After Fortuna, You get Upgrades...Edit

After Farore-Courage Shield Upgrade

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