Vector comes back to earth and he wants to seek revenge on Gru, Lucy, The Girls and the minions. When he gets there he adopts a girl named Meena, Who helps him to destroy Gru. Gru Teams up with El Macho Who was acually Vector's enimie a long time ago. Vector creates Robo-Minions and tries to take over the world....


Gru (Main Protagonist)

El Macho (Secondary Protagonist)






Vector (Main Antagonist)

Meena (Secondary Antagonist)


Main Menu

Dave: Ooooooo Banana

(Vector comes down)

Dave and Kevin: Baaaaaa Bector!

Vector: Ahhahahahahhahahahahaha

Minions run away but Meena captures them.

Meena and Vector: HAHAHA

Scene 1:

Black screen shows the words Despicable Me, Then a green three pops up!

Scene goes to space showing a rocket about to crash onto earth. It crashes and Vector comes out of it.

Vector: Step 1 Complete... Now its time to put operation revenge into action! HAHAHAHA!

scene goes to Gru, Lucy and the Girls in an amusment park riding a roller coaster. Everyone: AHHHHHHH! While they go through the loop, Gru spots El Macho. Gru: EL MACHO...

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