In a Jiffy!

-Clockjerk's Official Catchphraise

Clockjerk is a humanoid skylander who has the ability to go very very fast. He is uncommon in stores and there is a 1/24 chance of finding him in stores. He also has a Crystal form which is extremely rare with only a 1 out of 1,000 chance of finding him. He is a humanoid species race called the Speed Warriors which are distant cousins of Time Ninjas. He is 8 years old.


Clockjerk was just a normal human one day, he was 8 years old and he was abducted by aliens. The aliens tested on him and messed with his DNA creating the worlds only Mutated human with green infused blood! He was adopted by the aliens where he was tested on for 1 and a half more years. Then Master Eon got the word and rescued him back to Skylands. Master Eon was also taking care of Comelot at the time and the 2 became good friends. Then, when he was old enough, he joined the Skylanders!


A button= Jump

B Button= Runs very fast at enemies

1 button= Shoots Cosmic Energy


Radio Wave= Press Z to power up allies

Speeder= Running Gets Faster!

Crazy Cosmic= Cosmic Power is more powerful

Speed Supers:

Rapid Dash= Speed trail leaves a temporary fire

Ultra Shield= The longer he runs, the better his endurance becomes

Dizzy Turn= Enemys around him after he runs, temporarily faint

Cosmic Abilities:

Plant Power= Cosmic Power temporarily effects plant life

Zero Out= Holding 1 makes little Antimatter Minions

Magic Force= If 1 is held for too long, makes him release tons of energy


In a Jiffy!

A Nick of Time

Bring it on!

Speed Dollars!!! (When collecting money)

In YO FACE martians! (When Upgrading)

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