Shocker Room Edit

The Shocker Room is a building in Clash of Clans. The Shocker Room is a building that can blend troops with potions to give them abilities

Each potion has enough for 10 troops. The building will make all troops much stronger. But it takes 30 minutes to merge the troops and potions.

Fire Child Edit

The Fire Child troop is underestimated and is definitely the most fun member of the Dark Elixir Roster. Before going into battle, it enjoys pranking the adult troops

These troops are relitively weak, but a bunch will burn an entire village

Double WallEdit

The Double Wall is the taller and more Deluxe version of a wall. Archers cannot shoot through it,


At the Nursery, you can pick two compatible troops to breed (Mostly One troop + Another of the same species), but some troops such as Barbarian+Archer and Hogrider+Healer can breed. This will make baby troops which have a 50% chance of being the species of the male parent and a 50% chance of being the species of the female parent. Baby Troops are much weaker but go incredibly fast.

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