Town Areas Edit

Acacia Laboratory Edit

This is the training area, here you can snap 10 pokemon and you must snap all 10 to get to the real levels. This is also the base area where you can talk to the professor. The 10 pokemon you can snap here are

  • Ratatta-Very Common
  • Raticate-Common
  • Sentret-Common
  • Furret-Uncommon
  • Yungoos-Common
  • Gumshoos-Rare
  • Pichu-Uncommon
  • Pikachu-Super Rare

Also, you can snap the shiny and albino forms of these pokemon and you can go back to do the snapping training game as much as you want

Quaint Town Edit

Quaint Town is a small town in the game. It has shops, restaurants, and more stuff where you can stock up on pokemon snapping materials and gear

Catching Areas Edit

Silent Forest Edit

Silent Forest is unlocked after you complete the snapping tutorial. Here are the pokemon you can snap in this location

  • Caterpie-Very Common
  • Metapod-Common
  • Butterfree-Rare
  • Weedle-Very Common
  • Kakuna-Common
  • Beedrill-Common
  • Poocheyenna-Uncommon
  • Mightyena-Rare
  • Zigzagoon-Uncommon
  • Linoone-Rare
  • Aipom-Rare
  • Ambipom-Super Rare
  • Tangela-Rare
  • Tangrowth-Super Rare
  • Spinarak-Uncommon
  • Ariados-Rare
  • Patrat-Very Common
  • Watchog-Common
  • Virizion-Extremely Rare

Tidal Beach Edit

Rifting Savannah Edit

Alpine Mountians Edit

Dry Desert Edit

Treetop Canopy Edit

Serene River Edit

Craggy Foothills Edit

Winding Caverns Edit

Geyser Inferno Edit

Reedstalk Swamp Edit

Power Plains Edit

Crystal Peak Edit

Snowblown Tundra Edit

Warning Wasteland Edit

Lure Ocean Edit

Deadly Sewers Edit

Prickling Quarry Edit

Pokemon Festival Edit

Swinging Jungle Edit

Muddy Wetlands Edit

Palmwharf Island Edit

Cloud Mirage Edit

Cyberspace Lands Edit

The Moon Edit

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