Adventure of The X-Myth is a new Nintendo Game for the Nintendo Z-Weight. The story revolves around a boy named Erik or a girl named Jewel who has to travel a region called "The Ruin Bounds" to save the universe from an evil force named Dark Fury.

Storyline Edit

Thousands of years ago, in a far away universe, a planet nestled between a sun and a super massive moon its name was Planet Tersette. The area was buzzing with excitement and was full of species and was very safe and strong. It's main species was a humanoid species called the Vuyedoa that lived under one rule, The X-Myth. This legend kept the universe in order and kept everyone safe. Until one day, an evil force born from The Supermassive Moon came: The Dark Fury. He broke the X-Crystal, one of the 5 seals of the X-Myth. If all of the seals are broken, Tersette will plunge into endless darkness. You must race against Time and Space himself with the help of many characters to save your universe from certian doom.


Erik/Jewel-Erik and Jewel are the main characters in A. O. X. M. If you choose Erik you control a boy. If you choose Jewel you control a girl. You also get to choose their names. They are 11 years old. Their hometown is North Town.

John-John is the main character's brother and is a ninja who is a helper to save the universe from the evil Dark Fury. He is 19 years old. He lives in North Town.

Sedora-Sedora is a witch girl and she aids you in your quest to save Tersette. She is kind and is willing to help. She is 15 years old and her hometown is Steelburrow Village

Carl-Carl is a teenage scientist and also wants to help you on your quest to save Tersette. He is stubborn on the outside but becomes a big help. He is 18 years old and lives in a house on Snake Plains

Karina-Karina is a girl who helps you on your adventure. She is a mechanic's daughter and knows about creating and fixing devices. She is 13 years old and she lives in Yellowgem Town

Dark Fury-Dark Fury is a ghost like creature that plans to end the universe. He is very evil and was spawned on the Supermassive Moon.

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