Nintendo has announced 2 new handheld devices to be released together in the summer of 2018. They are the 4DS and the Nintendo Solar

The 4DS Edit

Imagine a World where your Nintendo friends are all around you..... Battle bionic raptors with Samus, Fight with your favorite pokemon, or maybe even save the princess from Bowser...... Introducing the Nintendo 4DS, a new world of nintendo virtual reality, its so real, it's like your actually there...

Cost: $450

Nintendo Solar Edit

Bring out the sun's true ability with the all new Nintendo Solar! This solar powered gaming system is good for the environment, as well as good to play on! Play all new games, as well as games from the DS and 3ds, and the only thing you need to charge is a light source!

Cost: $250

Features for the 4DS Edit

  • Play in Stunning Virtual Reality
  • Play all new generations of Pokemon, Mario and More
  • All special minigames
  • Wifi, cameras and much more
  • Comfortable headset for virtual reality
  • Play on the go, or at home
  • Link with other friends from far away and play games, or talk in the virtual chatroom

Features for the Solar Edit

  • Play Solar Games, 3ds Games and Ds games
  • Charged by the sun
  • Many new games including new Pokemon, Mario, zelda and more
  • Comes with free special content
  • Comes with free DLC for 3ds games

Downsides of the 4DS Edit

  • Very expensive
  • Virtual Reality may cause headaches
  • Cannot play Solar, 3ds or DS games
  • Must be charged at home

Downsides for the Solar Edit

  • Cannot play 4DS games
  • Does not have cameras, but has wifi

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